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Are you longing for something different in your work or life but are not sure what it is exactly or how to get there? Need an ally for your journey? A quest to answer the call of your question? Let's map our your dream and bring YOU to life.

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Meet Allison Ayer

Bodywork, Feng Shui, Coaching

Allison Ayer brings a breadth of experience into her work that enables her to assist you in reclaiming your natural power. As an athlete and dancer, she is familiar with many aches, pains and symptoms personally and has worked with many people trying to get the most out of their bodies. 


A Bowdoin grad, she attended the Florida School of Massage in 1998 and has been working on alleviating pain and increasing performance since. Always eager to learn more about the body, Allison has many modalities under her belt to assist you in the perfect solution to create a more comfortable, stronger and happier you!

As a Feng Shui Consultant, Allison brings depth of study (she was a graduate assistant at the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui in 2009) and intuitive creativity to your home and life.  She has helped many in the SF Bay Area to embrace their homes and foster deeper harmony, health and wealth through their environment and practices.

Feeling pulled in a new, mysterious direction? Allison is a launch catalyst for your dreams and ambitions. With 22 years in the space of self-growth, physical therapy, self-expression, and transformation, she can provide resources and shifts for your mindset, nervous system, and body.

Allison can also work with you remotely, coaching and facilitating deep IFS sessions wherever you are!

Integrated Physical, Environmental and Psychodynamic Work



The YOU Lab in Three Parts... which path calls you today?


Classic mixture of therapeutic massage modalities such as neuromuscular (NMT), connective tissue therapy, myofascial release, sports massage, cranio-sacral therapy, shiatsu, polarity therapy.

Neurologic work for injuries, pre and post surgeries, accidents and traumas, pain or mobility limitations. Done while dressed.

Pinning and stretching of muscle while client is guided into movement to shorten and lengthen the muscle. Specific tissue work for strain and pain. Done while dressed.

 Coaching for Natural Excellence 

Find the way that you are most naturally in the world that is of the greatest service. Work through roadblocks with me as an ally by your side. Via zoom or in person.

IFS-Internal Family Systems

A guided, non-pathologizing and dreamlike psycho-therapeutic model used by coaches and teachers as well as therapists. Via zoom or in person.


Compass School approach. Classical and layered assessment of space, needs, cures.  Can advise on colors, room choices, desk placement and more. Home and office alike.

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"Allison approaches coaching from a whole person perspective, which I have found very effective in the environment today where the line between work and non-work has become ever more blurred. She asks the tough questions, works to have you hold yourself accountable and, if you are open to it, does deep work into the beliefs and stories you tell yourself that might be limiting what you do, or what you think you can do. I recommend working with Allison for anyone looking to move into a new chapter in their career or looking to approach their current career differently." 



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