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Excellent – she got my husband to get rid of the clutter!!! I never thought that would happen. Place looks great and is very welcoming, and though it may just be circumstance, my business and friendships have definitely flourished since. I recommend it to anyone especially when starting a new home. Thank you, Allison!"

- K. S.

It was great to work with someone who also has such significant experience as a Feng Shui practitioner. Many of my goals were related to my home, and Allison had valuable suggestions I wouldn't have gotten from just any coach. All in all, my home has changed dramatically from when Allison and I first began working together. I'm still in process, but she helped me discover a clear vision for what I want and a path forward, two things I was struggling with on my own! I recommend working with Allison if you have the opportunity.


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Cathay Pacific teamed with me to curate tips to help travelers enjoy a restful, harmonious and healthy summer travel season and return home feeling balanced and refreshed.

Create the life you want with Feng Shui!

Feng Shui, or "wind and water', or, "good fortune", is the ancient art of intentional placement that creates alignment and harmony with nature and within your home or work-space. You will experience more energy and support for your goals and aspirations in a home that has Feng Shui alignment.  My expertise in bodywork adds to my Feng Shui perspective in order to create a holistic environmental shift for you that is healthy and supportive, so that your total health and vitality can improve.

Feng Shui can help you to awaken the potential in your home space, to create the optimal GOOD FEEL.  With Allison’s help, you can work on areas of your home and life at the same time to fine tune your goals and aspirations and see results!


Like acupuncture can do for your body, Feng Shui can pinpoint and address energetic points of overload and depletion in your home. 


Feng Shui is the art of balancing the meeting points of “heaven, earth and humanity.”  How can your life be more perfectly proportioned in these relationships? We seek to design the ideal flow in your home or work space in the best way for YOU as an individual in YOUR specific space.  

From a historical perspective, Feng Shui is one of 8 parts of Chinese medicine, and it enables us to understand the dynamic between our human existence, and the energies of the earth and the heavens.


Feng Shui is a meeting, in spatial design, of the physical and the energetic, so a lot of that with which we work will be practical and mundane, and some will be more esoteric and mysterious. 


Vintage Compass


  • Open the floodgates of your potential for excellence in: relationships, business, health, peace, prosperity and creativity.  

  • View and enjoy your space (domestic or work) as a sanctuary versus a set of chores.

  • Transform your home or office into a healthful, balanced environment, that is uplifting and inspiring.  

  • Increase productivity, enhance professional and personal relationships, and build community and shared vision.

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I'm a certified Feng Shui consultant through the Golden Gate School, practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2009.  

I combine the insight derived from this ancient practice with my own creative vision as an artist, and my healthcare experience as a massage therapist, personal trainer, coach and modern dancer.  

I work in both residential and commercial.


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Before meeting and working with Allison, my home was just the way I thought I liked it. I had spent several years moving furniture and knickknacks around so that they were exactly where I wanted them. Or so I thought!....I felt stifled and I felt that my creativity and productivity were really being affected in a negative way....Allison came in, did an assessment of the space, the area around my home, and of me and was able to make some very simple, inexpensive recommendations that totally lit up the space(s) with energy and vibrance!
Within days of these simple changes, I felt more creative, more vibrant and MUCH more comfortable in my home.


We are business owners and needed to make sure the money chi is flowing. Allison helped us with understanding that   even our backyard needed attention. Watering are just fruit trees etc. Surprisingly this actually did help with money energy! Woo hoo!


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