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Psychodynamic Work : COACHING & IFS

“I worked with Allison as an IFS coach and found her to be insightful and compassionate. Her coaching helped me to better understand and work effectively with my inner parts and enabled me to make significant and positive changes to my personal relationships. I highly recommend her services.”  A.V.

"Allison is not afraid to ask difficult questions. She helped me work through patterns of thinking that really weren't serving me and then helped me create incremental action steps to achieve my goals. She also has a system to stay connected in between sessions which made me feel supported and helped me stay on track with my tasks.
The East Coaster in me also really appreciates Allison's directness; her communication style really "makes sense" to me, and it puts me at ease." S.R.


Do you feel like something is missing? Like you haven't reached your full potential? Like sometimes, somehow, you aren't really YOU? What are you really longing for?

More You. More of the time.


Step into all of the Essence of You...

that You already are.




I do executive coaching, helping high performers, entrepreneurs, and C-level executives to raise the game for their companies and careers, or transition into new ventures.

I love to work with anyone who's aim requires a transformation.  Anyone who wants growth, and has a longing to be closer to themselves.


Do you have a track record of SUCCESS—but are now facing a challenge taking your success to the next level?


Lets explore your ESSENCE, the way that you show up in the world that is easy/natural/requires no effort...

AND is of service.


Do you want to be driven by LOVE and JOY?  Or fear?


MORE YOU- the essence of you without the fear, the limiting beliefs and restrictions that you can place on yourself or are placed on us by parents, teachers, society and our own experiences and protective strategies.  


MORE OF THE TIME - you won’t be perfect, and, you CAN live in more congruence with your essence, and enjoy life more often.



































































                         to get RESULTS

    through organized and safe experimentation

Red Orange Light Art


to alchemize transformations and effect change. Focused on everything about YOU and the life that wants to be lived through you.

Environment Activists Protest


               -instead of tough decisions.

To decide is to "cut away, to eliminate other options.  To choose is a yes/and. It means "to taste". Experience easy negotiation.

Justice Scale


examine your identity and beliefs, co-create your best plan of action, find your agency and voice. Balance your needs and your aspirations. Find motivation from excitement rather than fear.

Roses Welder

If your aim is aspirational enough so that you know that it will require a personal transformation in order to succeed, then I’m the perfect ally for your journey.

What’s your biggest AIM right now?


              What can I do to support you?

Your coaching session will include a deep dive into what blocks you via IFS, if you choose to dive in the deep end of the pool. Let's check in on the health and balance of your psyche in a beautiful and dream-like way.

"Internal Family Systems is a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy. We believe the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing.  Our inner parts contain valuable qualities and our core Self knows how to heal, allowing us to become integrated and whole. In IFS all parts are welcome."

People I would like to work with :

Lucy Hughes, the woman who is making bioplastic from fish waste products:

"Allison is a very intelligent, intuitive and effective coach. She helped me to identify a number of mental and emotional patterns that were no longer serving me, in a way that was not invasive or judgmental or overwhelming. She was able to take in all that I told her and distill it down to the most important themes and then give clear, attainable action steps to start the process of growth. Her coaching work helped to gently dissolve my resistance to making changes and helped me go from self-doubt and feeling stuck to action and feeling empowered. I am so grateful to have found Allison!"


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